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Welcome world! The BobNorton.com Blog is finally here. Before I share with you what this blog is going to be all about, I need to get something out in the open:

house addict Welcome world!

I am a house addict.

Well, maybe I’m not that type of “HOUSE” addict! (My brother loves this show and it would be safe to say that he is a HOUSE addict. I don’t watch the show but I’ve heard that this dude could use some serious therapy).

BUT I am addicted to BUYING and FLIPPING houses. It didn’t dawn on me until about a year ago that I really have a problem with stopping myself from doing residential real estate flips.

What does that mean for this blog?

Well, having completed over 400 real estate deals in the past 5 years to fuel my addiction, I sometimes come across some pretty cool stuff that other investors find very helpful (especially recommendations on how to avoid an expensive mistake) and I am going to share this info through my blog. This includes:

house addict by dalexx Welcome world!

  • Videos
  • Documentaries of a deal from beginning to end
  • Interviews with other investors and students
  • Insights tips and advice on how to make your life easier and more profitable as a real estate investor
  • How to cope with possible real estate buying adddiction
  • Opinions on the current real estate investing news
  • Current strategies on how to make money with real estate in today’s market, not last year’s or last month’s
  • Lessons learned

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please post!

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  1. I truly love the common and realness of your site. I admit, I’m still trying to put all my info together to learn where to start on flipping, but you and jp are awesome. REI Tips is so very down to earth, just love it too. I really wish I could put all info together and know what I’m doing….flipping, wholesaling, the reo’s thing,I’ve been adicted about 5 years, still trying to “brave up” and do….got ideas????

    Keep on, so great to see people like you who care enough to teach others, w/o worrying if you’re making money off of them, it’s rare in this world..Thank You!

    Cjc | Dec 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I just got your email. Any specific questions you have, please feel free to ask them. I’ll be happy to answer!

    bobnorton | Dec 23, 2008 | Reply

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