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2016 St. George Parade of Homes Video »

Here is a video showing the highlights of our most recent home we built in St. George, Utah. We had an awesome team that helped put everything together and complete the home from beginning to end in 5 months!

A Norton Family Vacation Video »

My son made this video for a home school assignment. I was pretty impressed. 14 days in Puerto Vallarta!

Crossing Off Another Item on the 101 List: Skydiving »

This is the “poppy” version of my video which the Skydiving place edited and I had no control over. Its cool but I’m trying to get a better version out there. By the way, Steve Mills, another successful real estate investor and dude sitting next to me, he crapped his pants.

How to write a business plan for real estate investors »

Have you ever gotten caught up in the hype of compiling a complicated business plan with detailed pie charts, excel spreadsheets etc? I recently had a fellow investor ask me to finance his latest real estate business venture AND as a “selling point”, he told me he had put together a business plan! Excellent I […]

The Big Fall in Indy »

Just a little update on my Indy adventures… Combine melted snow, a vacant house and tile and you get a YouTube classic:

Welcome world! »

Welcome world! The Blog is finally here. Before I share with you what this blog is going to be all about, I need to get something out in the open: I am a house addict. Well, maybe I’m not that type of “HOUSE” addict! (My brother loves this show and it would be safe […]