About Bob

Who is Bob Norton?

Bob flips houses. Lots and lots of houses. He can’t stop. He flips them all around the country. Give Bob $100 million and he would still flip houses. Since Bob is also extremely A.D.D., here are some other things ABOUT BOB…..

  • Lucky husband of a REALLY good looking wife
  • Father of 5 fantastic kids (4 boys and my princess….who already knew this very well at age 6)
  • Oldest child of 7 children
  • Member of the LDS Church
  • Life and Business Coach
  • Motivation Speaker
  • Private or “hard money” Lender
  • Deal maker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Outdoor enthusiast (ok, I go camping)
  • Dishwasher, diaper changer, marathoner, Harley Rider, weightlifter, Scuba diver, Marlin slayer and much much more….

Flipping Highlights (in stupid random order)

  • (Dec 07) Bought a house sight unseen at an Auction in Detroit for $5600. Flipped it to an investor for $60k 3 days later. He sold it for $110k.
  • (2007-2008) Flipped 95-100 turn-key rentals to out of state investors. Developed a strong hate for renters in Pontiac.
  • (June 2004) Got $1900 in a birddog fee for finding a crappy house in Pontiac, MI for a cement contractor. He charged me $100 for making him go to the ATM machine
  • (July 2008) Bought a house for $390k in Grand Blanc, MI. Invested $12k in paint and carpet and sold for $501k in 1 week. The biggest deal I had done before this was about $100k.
  • (Sept 2004) Wholesaled my first house for a $7k profit to a contractor. Spent exactly 3 hours on the deal. YTD Earning up to that point–> $1900 (the birddog fee)
  • (Jan 2009) Wholesaled a house to a homeowner for $24k profit, from a $500 investment. Called it “keeping it simple”
  • (April 2009) Spent over $1 million in 30 days on 12 homes.
  • (June 2009) Sold those 12 homes for $30k in average profit margins
  • Completed over 300 flips (wholesales, turn-key rentals or to homeowners)
  • Completed over 200 hard money loans

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